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Face Lift. The Real Deal.

How would you like to have a face lift?

Why would anyone want a face lift?

To look better on the outside you have to look better on the inside.

So if you want a face lift look for the best in everything and everybody.

Then if you’re smiling on the inside it’ll look like it on the outside!

OK. There are sad things. Like the kids we visited at some orphanages in India. Kids who can’t see. Kids who don’t look the best because of awful damage to their eyes. Cross-eyed kids. Kids with glass eyes.

But many of those kids had faces that reflected the happiness they “saw” in spite of their blindness. faith lift

Observing them actually gave me a faith lift. Nope! I didn’t misspell that! It’s true.

They gave me a faith lift. Yes sireeee. My faith in the power of people, the inner power to rise above their problems and live lives of joy. Lives of gratitude.

So I’m not about to race out and book myself in for a face lift. Because we’re having so much pleasure out of making a difference for these kids.
All the people who purchase DVD’s and CD’s has given our faith in this project a huge faith lift.

This is the best insurance that we’ll never really need a face lift! No matter what!

Don’t go for a fake lift. Have a real faith lift. And your face’ll show it!

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